SWMC, a manufacturer of drilling Machine, in the same way of providing complete machine products for customers, makes use of more than 20 years of industry experience to provide reliable drilling solutions for users of subsurface drilling machines and help customer service to achieve engineering goals with low cost and high efficiency.It is reported that the cooperation between Xuanhua drilling rig manufacturer SWMC and BEIFANG quarry is not limited to providing equipment.When BEIFANG quarry was in urgent need of materials, SWMC also provided leasing service of X5A-DTH. BEIFANG quarry didn't need to invest a lot of money, which saved production cost and reduced input risk.The SWMC drilling rig can better understand the needs of BEIFANG quarry and provide valuable solutions for its future development.

SWMC is providing drilling technology to BEIFANG Quarry, located in Chaoyang city, Liaoning province, to help it improve blasting efficiency.

The tuff found in BEIFANG quarry is of the highest quality sandstone.The quarry plans to mine about 3 million cubic meters of stone here each year.

We can imagine that if we drill a hole with a depth of 22m and a diameter of 115mm with the hammer, there will be obvious inclination and the drilling efficiency will decrease.Therefore, BEIFANG quarry purchased 2 sets of SWMC X5A-DTH full hydraulic submersible machine produced by SWMC. It can work with high-pressure submersible impellers, and the working pressure is up to 21bar.

The rock hardness is medium hardness F =8-10. After repeated tests in the quarry, it has been decided to adopt the inclined hole process with an aperture of 140mm and an Angle of 30 degrees from the vertical direction. In this way, the step stability can be better, the resistance line can be uniform, and the bulk percentage and residue can be reduced.

X5A-DTH produced by Taiye, a drilling rig manufacturer in Xuanhua, is used to improve efficiency.BEIFANG chose this drill because it can accurately control the drilling Angle, clean the hole and smooth the hole wall, drill deep hole and drill faster.

BEIFANG quarry puts forward special requirements for production efficiency. We often say, "the better the quality of hole formation, the better the blasting, and of course, the better the result.In other words, reducing the amount of secondary blasting can further increase productivity.

X5A-DTH drill rig is a completely independent operation of the rig, equipped with a used in high air pressure DTH impacter drilling vehicle air compressor, offer BEIFANG quarry is 2 completely standard machine, because be inclined holes, so need special design of the rubber dust cover, also because of the hard rock, drill needs specific parameter Settings.

For example, the geological structure of a quarry requires the selection of a fast bit with column teeth or a mixture of column teeth and spring teeth.The drill bit is rotating at between 70 and 80 revolutions per minute, and rock fissures that are not visible below the surface can cause holes to fail to form, or the drill string gets stuck in the hole, or pressure falls off.

In terms of production efficiency, for holes 22 meters deep, the drilling time has been reduced from 1 hole per 45min to an average of 1 hole per 30min.


Post time: Aug-28-2020