Shipment was effected smoothly for the bulldozers under the National Petroleum Project of Russia

September—Fall quarter coming,a harvesting season with rich fruits and spreading fragrance! The bulldozer which embeding the hard work of HBXG”s staff for the Russian Petroplem Project won by HBXG has been successfully shipped for CIS market again!

This is the secondary tender purchase for the shipment of the TY165-3 series bulldozers for the Russian Petroleum company.The Russian Petroleum company is very satisfied with the practical operation performance of the first batch of SWMC brand TY165-3 series bulldozers, especially the excellent low temperature performance and excellent reliability.

TY165-3 series bulldozer is a normal structure bulldozer developed by HBXG on the basis of utilization of the structural advantages of Caterpillar”s D6D bulldozer and the transmission advantages of Komatsu”s D55 bulldozer.The bulldozer adopts the gearbox of Komatsu D85”s bulldozer with large power storage coefficient and reliable & durable transmission system.The enhanced chassis frame improves the ability of the whole machine to adapt to hard working conditions.

Since the beginning of this year, the COVID-19 epidemic has spread around the world. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, HBXG pays high attention to the improvement of internal management, speeds up product improvement and quality control, focus on the customer complaints, takes action quickly, improves service level, and improves customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the market sales volume realized a steady growth.

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Post time: Sep-04-2020