SWMC 370-DTH subsurface drilling rig is widely used in construction sites

SWMC 370 subsurface drilling rig successfully completed the foundation grouting project of a real estate project in Guangzhou,China.

A real estate project in Guangzhou covers an area of 62,000 m2, of which 44,000 m2 is aboveground and 18,000 m2 is underground. There are 25 floors above the ground, including 4 floors below the podium and 4 floors below the ground. The total height of the building is 108.8m, the depth of the foundation pit is 16.9m, and the local area is 21.1m.The engineering structure is designed as reinforced concrete frame shear wall structure and the foundation is designed as flat raft foundation.

Considering the anti-floating effect of basement floor, anti-floating bolt group is set in the south podium of this project. The diameter of anti-floating bolt is 130mm, the spacing is 780mm, and the hole depth is 8m.

The selection of drilling machinery has an important influence on the smooth progress of the foundation anti-floating bolt project.SWMC selected SWMC 370 subsurface drilling machine for the construction company, which matches two sets of SULLAIR American 600RH air compressor, with working pressure of 1.7Mpa and air displacement of 17m3. It has high working efficiency, low energy consumption, simple mechanical structure, convenient operation and control, which can adjust the control of drilling parameters in real time, and its performance and efficiency can meet the needs of the project.

SWMC 370 subsurface drilling machine is a high-performance subsurface drilling machine, providing high efficiency, high reliability and multi-functional drilling machinery for foundation grouting engineering.In this project, the application of SWMC 370 subsurface drilling machine, greatly improve the construction efficiency.

Due to the rock is basically volume broken, rather than grinding broken, coupled with high slag discharge speed, clean hole bottom, no repeated crushing phenomenon, so SWMC 370 hydraulic drilling machine, has a higher drilling efficiency and energy utilization rate than the general rotary drilling.

SWMC 370 drilling rig can complete a quality drilling holes, due to hydraulic DTH impact of hole bottom, frequency percussive rock time is very short, hard rock lithology changes impact on the crushing effect is not big, not easy to form a deflection torque on bit, thus forming the hole rules, quality good, clean, and can effectively prevent the hard rock and complex formation drilling hole inclination of the problem.Due to the low rotation speed of drilling tool, the chance of collision between drilling tool and hole wall is reduced, so it is not easy for hole wall to collapse and other accidents.

SWMC 370 subsurface drilling machine was praised by the construction party in this project because of its advantages such as simple connection, convenient construction, clear stress and short construction period. Currently It is widely used in building construction projects.


Post time: Nov-05-2020