Fengshan Mine, located in Changping District, Beijing, is the limestone raw material supply base of Beijing Cement Works Co., Ltd., which was rated as a “National Green Mine Pilot Unit” by the Ministry of Land and Resources in 2011 and one of the first cement enterprises to pass the national green mine evaluation in 2016.

Over the years, Fengshan Mine has been pursuing clean production, standardized management, regarding scientific and environmental protection development as its own responsibility.Fengshan Mine is an open pit mine. In order to meet the dust emission standards, dust removal equipment must be installed at all dust points during construction.SWMC-T45 hydraulic open-air top hammer drill with cyclone and laminar flow two-stage dust removal device was used in Fengshan Mine to drill the blasting hole.The dust removal system of this model can filter up to 15 square meters, which can effectively filter dust and greatly reduce the impact of dust on the environment.

Shenwar -T45 hydraulic top hammer drilling machine is one of the integrated drilling machines developed by Shenwar in recent years.It adopts the Japanese famous brand Yamamoto’s rock drill YH-100, the impact power of the rock drill is 20.6KW, the impact frequency is as high as 2500BPM, the compressor uses the world famous screw compressor manufacturer Sullian-Palatek’s products to ensure enough hole washing gas, smooth discharge of rock debris.

With lower oil consumption and higher energy transfer efficiency compared to other drilling methods, the Shenwart-T45 full hydraulic top hammer drill is an excellent choice for construction and quarrying operations.

The Shenwart-T45 rig is equipped with a forward tilting cab with internal heating and cooling air conditioning. The indoor noise is less than 85dB, which provides a comfortable working environment for the operator, thus improving work efficiency and protecting the safety of the operator.The unique easy-to-control drilling system can automatically adjust the pushing speed, pushing pressure, turning torque and impact pressure according to the rock condition to achieve the best working state.At the same time, it has a mechanical rod changing system which is simpler and more reliable than the hydraulic motor rod changing system.

Even the best machines require routine maintenance to keep them in top working condition.SWMC genuine parts and full service after-sales staff to provide you with a full range of protection.SWMC’s targeted preventive maintenance, drill maintenance, regular inspection, regular maintenance, personnel on-site service and other projects ensure the low failure rate of drilling RIGS, as far as possible to shorten the downtime.

Customized technical retrofits and remanufacturing operations restore original equipment to superior working conditions and efficiency, while making the equipment safer, better performing and less environmental impact.

Post time: Apr-01-2021