TY320-3 Bulldozer

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TY320-3 bulldozer is semi-rigid suspended, hydraulic transfer, hydraulic controlled track type bulldozer. Planetary, power shift transmission which is Unilever operated. The operation system designed according to human and machine engineering makes operation more easily, efficiently and accurately.

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TY320-3 Bulldozer

TY320 (1)

● Description

●A CUMMINS NTA855-C360S10 engine gives you more power and reliability you need. With exhaust turbocharger, it can still work normally at altitude of 4,300 meters.

●The highly reliable power shift transmission, stable torque converter and the two- stage straight-tooth structure final drive transmit power efficiently.

●With independent engine cooling water tank, chassis oil cooler, water and air intercooler provides excellent cooling performance and simple maintenance operation to ensure continuous operation of the machine.

●The final drive is driven low and provides more powerful driving force and efficient gradeability.

●The standard straight tit blade features powerful cutting force and the heavy single- shank ripper can be equipped for the ripping of clay and frozen earth, featuring high working efficiency and super-strong penetrating force.

● Main specifications

Dozer: Straight and Tilting Blade

Operation weight (Kg): 37200

Ground pressure(MPa): 0.105

Track gauge(mm): 2140

Gradient: 30°/25°

Ground clearance (mm): 500

Dozing Dimension(mm): 4130×1590

Max. digging depth (mm): 560

Overall dimensions (mm): 6880×4130×3725


Type: Cummins NTA855-C360

Rated revolution (rpm): 2000

Rated power (KW): 257

Number of cylinders-bore×stroke (mm): 6-139.7×152.4

Starting method: Electric starting 24V 11kW

Undercarriage system                        

Type: Swing type of sprayed beam

Suspended structure of equalizer bar: 7

Number of track rollers (each side): 7

No. of Carrier Rollers (each side): 2

No. of Track Shoes  (each side): 41

Width of shoe (mm): 560

Track pitch (mm): 228.6

Gear   1st    2nd     3rd

Forward  (Km/h)      0-3.6    0-6.6    0-11.5

Backward (Km/h)      0-4.4    0-7.8    0-13.5

Implement hydraulic system

(MPa) Working pressure (Mpa): 14

Pump type: Gears pump

Displacement (L/min): 355

Driving system

Torque converter: 3-element, 1-stage, 1-phase

Transmission: Planetary gear, multiple-disc clutch, hydraulic actuated, forced lubrication by gear pump, 3 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds.

Steering clutch: Wet, Multiple disc clutch, Spring loaded, hydraulicallyActuated.

Steering brake: Wet, band brake, operated with hydraulic booster and hydraulic interlocking

Final drive: Spur gear, double reduction, splash lubrication.

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