Application example of SWMC drilling rig in photovoltaic engineering

With the increasingly shortage of traditional energy, the development and utilization of new energy have attracted the attention of all countries in the world.At the same time, China’s photovoltaic new energy is developing rapidly, and the technology is gradually mature, approaching or reaching the world’s advanced level. Therefore, the country puts forward the development direction, strategic objectives, main tasks and policy measures of photovoltaic.

A photovoltaic power generation project, with a planned installed capacity of 40MWP (MW), is located in Wulanchabu city, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with an elevation of about 1500-1520 meters, belonging to the continental monsoon climate and arid desert steppe climate in the middle temperate zone.Affected by the pressure of the Mongolian Plateau, the maximum temperature is 36.5 degrees, the minimum temperature is minus 39 degrees, the maximum depth of frozen soil is 220cm, the maximum depth of snow is 19cm, and the average annual precipitation is 315.3mm.

The design institute finally determined the photovoltaic pile drilling scheme as follows: 150mm aperture, 1.0-1.5m hole depth.

SWMC provided 8 units SWMC 370 drilling machines suitable for photovoltaic construction, 5 units SWMC 360 drilling machines with strong climbing ability, 3 units  SWMC D50 drilling machines suitable for rapid flat ground movement for photovoltaic site , a total of 7 sets SULLAIR American 600RH and 550RH air compressors, 4 sets Fusheng Elman 630 air compressors, and 5 sets Liuzhou Fuda 180-19 air compressors.

SWMC 370, SWMC 360 and SWMC D50 driller use crawler to walk, which has good terrain adaptability, good stability and high safety performance.The power output torque of the rotary machine is large, which can be completed in one time under geological conditions such as cobblestones and wind fossils, without the need for second drilling.

Sullar air compressor, Fushenger air compressor, Liuzhou Fidelity air compressor, when drilling large aperture to maintain the pressure stability, to maintain the speed of the whole process.

The 40 degree climbing ability of Drilling Rigs of SWMC 370 and SWMC 360 ensures the progress of the project.SWMC drilling machine is equipped with electric winch to drill the pile hole with higher slope, which has completed its difficult piercing task.SWMC D50 drilling rig side positioning, fast and accurate positioning and drilling, to avoid the waste of time.

Drilling Rigs SWMC 370, SWMC 360 and SWMC D50 are equipped with submersible impellers when drilling through rock layers.When drilling into the soil and then replaced by auger pipe fittings.

With 16 drilling RIGS in the project, the drilling work of 4 1MW square arrays (totaling 800 groups with 6,400 holes) was completed in one month, which ensured the project quality and schedule, and no safety accidents occurred during the construction process.At the same time, combined with the characteristics of the site project, according to local conditions to take various construction measures, the hole formation process is smooth, good quality, after the third party testing, all the test indicators meet the official and design requirements, and obtained better drilling experience, and benefit for the the future construction project application.


Post time: Nov-02-2020