Elevated-sprocket bulldozer preferred!

On Mar.12th,2020, batch of SD7N elevated-sprocket bulldozer was shipped to harbor and ready for loading for Russia& CIS regions market.

This batch bulldozers are purchased by a mining client, to do the job for striping and heaping of the cover materials. They purchased the first batch of elevated-driving bulldozer from HBXG in 2015.  In the past five years, these first batch bulldoers have entered into operation for about 20,000 working hours. Clients are impressed by the good performances with respect to the reliability and high working efficieny of the bulldozers.  Since the expansion of the production capacity of this mine, the client did the procurement for the bulldozers again with the form of bidding way.  HBXG  won the tender again with the excellent presented solution supported by the quality features and satisfied after-sales servies programme.  

At present, SHEHW’s main products cover bulldozer, pipelayer,wheel loader, drilling rig, excavator and mining truck etc.Its bulldozer products cover 130-430 full series track type bulldozer and extended products, are being broadly used in infrastructure, desertification control, oil field and harbor project, water-power engineering, metallurgical mine, environmental sanitation garbage plant, farmland improvement project etc. SWMC is the only domestic manufacturer possessing core technology of elevated sprocket bulldozer, such as the SD7N,SD8N,SD9N, which can realize scale production. Elevated sprocket bulldozer technology is on behalf of the most advance technology level and highest manufacturing level. Reasonable design and layout determines the elevated sprocket bulldozer possessing features of high efficiency, high quality, high durability and easy maintenance.

HBXG will adhere in the philosophy as they did before, focusing on the customers's demands, to do the products improvement& and updation, perfect the after-sales services, continuously promote the satifaction of customers to realize growing together with partners!


Post time: Aug-26-2020