The Xuanhua drilling rig made another brilliant success — 50 units SWMC 360 drilling RIGS used more than 1,800 tons of explosives in less than one month, more than twice the daily work consumption.

Tianchen Qixiang Nylon New Material Project, a key project of Shandong Province with a total investment of 20 billion yuan, held its foundation laying ceremony in Linzi District, Zibo City on August 19, 2019.The project will completely break the monopoly of international high-end nylon technology, fill the gap in domestic technology and industry, and meet the country’s urgent demand for new nylon material products.

Shenwer 360-DTH, an open-air hydraulic submersible drilling rig, has always been active in the land leveling battle of the project.Faced with the daunting task of turning the 10-meter-high Shitoushan into a flat by the end of February, the Shenwar 360-DTH drilling rig has been working day and night, using more than 1,800 tons of explosives in less than a month from 50 units rigs, more than twice the amount used in daily work.

Such a difficult task, how to ensure that the SWMC drilling rig to complete it?This is due to the excellent quality support of the SWMC 360DTH.

SWMC 360DTH is the classic model of Shenwar hydraulic drill series, which is the crystallization of the company after 13 years of drilling production experience and research and development technology precipitation.It not only inherited the advantages of the original pneumatic drill, durable, high efficiency and low consumption, but also selected a more advanced hydraulic power system, combined with customer feedback and suggestions to improve the design of the control platform, so that the operation can realize the centralized control of multiple actuators.

In the design stage, through the cooperation with Japan Furukawa Drilling Machine, the 360DTH series drilling machine is further improved in the design technology and the application of materials. The key components and components adopt many well-known domestic and foreign brands of products, the use of manganese steel sliding frame and polymer wear-resistant materials, so that the service life of the product is increased by many times.

After the success of the development, the 360DTH drilling rig was first put into production after 2000 hours of destructive tests on the durability, ease of operation, economy and efficiency, frequency of maintenance and other aspects of the performance of the product to meet and exceed the design expectations.
SWMC 360DTH hydraulic drilling rig condenses the spirit of SWMC people’s truth-seeking and pragmatic, never relax the requirements of product quality, also did not forget to produce more economic, more efficient drilling products for customers.

So far, there are still the first generation products of the 360DTH series in the market to serve customers.This is not only the most perfect performance of the excellent product quality of SWMC drilling RIGS, but also full of the efforts of all the after-sales service team members of SWMC.Shenwar company 12 professional after-sales service staff, more than 280 days a year in the customer site, to provide customers with boot operation training guidance, troubleshooting, maintenance, engineering design and other services, at the same time actively collect customer comments, feedback to the company to provide first-hand information for the upgrading of products.

Because of this, in Shandong Tianchen JiXiang New Material project land leveling in the battle, “360 DTH drill to play their less faults, high efficiency, maintenance is convenient wait for a advantage, to help build team at the end of February affected by the outbreak of severe cases, completed the originally expected to be completed in the end of May for the land leveling task.

Post time: Apr-01-2021